ARX Jewellery Worths of London

ARX Jewellery Worths of London

We are excited to announce that we now stock ARX Jewellery at Worths of London.  Specifically, Jos Von Arx’s ARX Jewellery range and have done since our May 2019 launch. In this press release we are going to outline some of the amazing pieces on offer from ARX jewellery.

ARX jewellery is a stylish brand of men’s designer jewellery designed by Jos Von Arx himself.  ARX jewellery is made so you can express yourself and your style in any setting.  Be it at work, at home, on the weekend or most importantly at a party, ARX jewellery is the perfect partner.   Moreover, each piece of jewellery is made with detail, so it looks great with any look you choose.  In addition, if you are a fan of denims or wearing a suit, ARX jewellery looks great with these.  With ARX, you can easily express your personality and style.

Jos Von Arx believe jewellery should be easy to wear and comfortable.  So, they came up with the revolutionary patent pending flexisizable clasp technology to take all the hassle away.  This means once you receive your ARX jewellery bracelet, you only need to adjust it once.  Moreover, all the tools for this are provided in the box and only takes seconds. So, the bracelet opens and closes with a quick and easy magnetic clasp.An easy and hassle free process that is foolproof.  So, there’s no more worry about what size you should buy when it comes to ARX jewellery!

ARX Jewellery at Worths of London

ARX Jewellery provide a number of different forms of products in their collection.  These are:

  • Fashion Cufflinks – These include a variety of different stainless steel designs of different shapes and sizes.
  • Men’s Bracelets – These include their leather and steel adjustable bracelets. As well as this, leather and carbon fibre bracelets.  In addition, these come with the flexisizable clasp technology as explained above.
  • Watches – This includes a fabulous collection of luminous sports and fashion watches. All in stainless steel casing and come with different coloured modern dials.
  • Pendants – A beautiful collection of stainless steel pendants of all shapes and sizes to suit your wants.
  • Rings – An amazing collection of stainless steel rings of different styles for you to choose from

We look forward to seeing you soon at Worths of London. In addition, if you have any queries about our ARX jewellery stock, don’t hesitate to send us a message. We really love to hear from you!!