Joules at Worths of London

Joules at Worths of London

We are excited to announce that we stock Joules at Worths of London and have since our May 2019 launch. In this press release we are going to outline some of the amazing pieces on offer from Joules.

Joules are an exciting brand started by Tom Joules back in 1989 in Leicestershire originally selling clothing. With them gaining their edging reinventing traditional British clothing by adding twists to classic pieces. Moreover, many Joules garments have an element of surprise e.g. a mismatched button or contrasting colour underneath the collar etc. Since their launch Joules has gained recognition across Britain and abroad. Joules is recognised now as a premium lifestyle brand with authentic British heritage.

For the design of their watches collection, Joules use British heritage for inspiration. So, they’ve designed a collection of watches for men that makes checking the time never feel so good. Hence there a lot of different watches in their collection to discover!! These include both metal and leather strap watches to accentuate your style. The designs ooze elegance and most importantly look perfect for all occasions.

Joules Watches at Worths of London

The Joules Watches collection consists of a number of beautiful pieces perfect for all occasions. A few of our favourite pieces include:

  • Aldous Mens Leather Strap Watch – A timepiece with a classic appearance with quartz movement. In addition, it includes a few contemporary details that will make you stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, this piece comes in “True Black” and “Brown” Colours.
  • Hawsbury Mens Leather and Silicone Strap Watch – Comes in “Black” and “Dark Brown”. The small details and classic dial make this piece perfect for any look you could choose. Moreover, it’s unfussy yet with just enough considered design elements to remind you that this is no ordinary wristwatch.
  • Endale Mens Leather Strap Watch – Only comes with the Brown Leather Strap. With this piece a little extra charm to your look with this remarkable little wristwatch. In addition, it features an understated yet extremley stylish details that make it perfect for every occasion from work through to the weekend.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Worths of London. In addition, if you have any queries about our Joules Watches stock, don’t hesitate to send us a message. We really love to hear from you!!