Tommasi at Worths of London

Tommasi at Worths of London

We are excited to announce that we now stock Tommasi at Worths of London. We have stocked Tommasi since our May 2019 launch. In this press release we are going to outline some of the amazing pieces on offer from Tommasi.

The Tommasi family have been working the glass from Murano Island from 1933 to the present day. The technique of production of the glass is a family secret passed down through three generations of the Tomassi family. The update in design, attention to marketing and growing customer base has made them one of the leading Artistic Murano Glass brands. In the creations of the Tommasi Artisan Boutique, you will find ancient techniques which require a certain mastery of the craft. Furthermore, they have an aesthetic creative and innovative sense which given their creations modern flavour.

To call is simply glass doesn’t seem appropriate. Tommasi Murano Glass are certainly jewels in glass!! Also, Tommasi have an amazing museum of their works out in Italy. If you are ever visiting Italy, we would certainly recommend a visit during your time there.

Tommasi Murano Glass at Worths of London

We stock a number of Tomassi’s in store at Worths. These include:

  • Necklaces – Tommasi stock a number of beautiful Murano Glass necklaces. For instance some of the necklaces contain gold leaf amber beads. Also necklaces contain 24ct gold beads made from original murano glass.
  • Rings – The OC Glass Rings collection has murano glass rings of different colours and sizes. In addition, they contain 24ct gold leaf. Some of our personal favourites are the red and turquoise rings.
  • Earrings – The OC collection also contains some beautiful earrings. The triangle beads come in different colours across the collection and are metal free components. They are 1 eye coloured.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Worths of London. In addition, if you have any queries about our Tommasi stock, don’t hesitate to send us a message. We really love to hear from you!!